Are your teeth making you look older?

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As we age, we begin to notice the grey hair, the wrinkles and even the age spots.  For many, those issues are quickly addressed in order to look the age we feel!  Many don’t realize though, that the appearance of their teeth can significantly age them as well.  With time, our teeth age just as we do.  Daily wear and tear take place, and sometimes the enamel of teeth is worn away as well.  Their are quick solutions to yellow or dingy teeth like professional teeth whitening and even porcelain veneers.  A bright smile can take years off your smile!

For many, the issue has gone beyond dull, yellow teeth.  They have lost teeth and are wearing a denture.  Once they begin wearing dentures, they believe they have lost the battle. They settle for an ill fitting denture that not only hinders their eating, but also dramatically ages them physically.  At Sequoyah Dental Arts, we know that a custom denture can take years off of a persons appearance.  When the fit is correct, you restore  a persons confidence to eat and smile.  While fit and function are of primary importance, design also makes a significant impact.   A truly custom denture is one that is designed to fit your face correctly and beautifully.  Many denture centers today sell the public on quick, cheap dentures.  On the other hand, Dr. Foncea, takes into account your coloring, your face shape and the size of your features to artistically render teeth that not only function exceptionally, but also enhance your appearance.  Do you really want to leave your appearance and your ability to talk and eat properly to an office that claims fast and inexpensive as their model for success?

If you know that your teeth are not functioning at their full capacity or you have a denture that is dragging you down, call today for a free custom denture consultation.  865 973 9899


Teeth should help, not hurt!